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  • heanny (Tuesday, July 09 19 12:36 pm EDT)

    hi, do I register at the place or online? and also do I pay right away on the same day it starts or what? please explain how this works when you see this please

  • Kim Fogelgren (Sunday, June 02 19 07:39 pm EDT)

    Bill is wonderful!!! He has a creative way of "directing" our in class scene work to help us develop our characters and set the scene for a believable performance. I really feel like I’m learning a ton. Bill is also both supportive and genuine in his feedback. So glad I found Hollywood East!

Lisa Jay

Bill, I can’t thank you enough for working with Maddy. He was so much more relaxed and confident. You are a great teacher! And funny too! Thanks again.


I have been taking private lessons with Bill and I love each and every session. He is very professional...funny...and very helpful. I can feel myself getting better after only a few classes. This is a great place to develop acting skills.

Evelyn Sabbag
Bill is an excellent instructor; goes above and beyond just the classes and coaching (which is great). He helps with actual auditions and doesn't pull any punches. If you're looking to get into acting, this is for you!!!. Really glad I discovered Hollywood East.
Mary Higgins
Bill is a wonderful teacher and very intuitive. He puts you on camera for every class then shows you on a TV screen how you look and how to improve. Although my schedule does not allow me to see him often I will return once openings occur!
Jenn Salomon

Highly recommend classes here!


Olivia Tambascio 

I look forward to going to the teen class every Saturday! It has boosted my confidence with public speaking and I get to let loose and have fun! I learn so much and we try something different every class which helps keep me on my toes. Bill is super approachable and he actually cares about the individual actor! I still have a lot to learn but thanks to Bill, I have been able to kick-start my own acting career! The most important thing that Bill has taught me so far is the number one rule to acting... HAVE FUN!


Aaron K. Wilson

Once again, I had a true BLAST! This class is everything I need. I had a commercial shoot today and I literally was telling the fellow models/actors that they need your class. I am truly blessed and happy I was referred to you. Not only is your skill level/talent phenomenal but you truly sincerely care for "Us actors". You are amazing.


Eli Escobar‎ 

I have been taking classes with Bill Stanitsas and all i have to say is that it has been such an awesome learning time for me. My classmates are a great group of people. What i love about this class is how bill gives me the opportunity to be myself and to become the character im supposed to be. There is an ease about this class that makes me feel me you know. He totally makes you feel you can do this and he is there to give you feedback and refine your craft:)


Isa Moreno

What makes an acting coach great?When he pushes you beyond your limits,makes you comfortable, tells you the first rule is 'Have fun'. What makes him amazing? WHEN HE IS THERE FOR HIS ACTORS WHEN THEY NEED(specially last minute?).IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR AN AMAZING ACTING CLASS IN THE BOSTON AREA CHECK OUT Bill Stanitsas. Thank you Bill you Rock!!!!!


Angelica Flores 

One of the best acting classes in town indeed! Plus so much fun everytime. always leaving with a big smile!


Larissa Kemp 

My kids absolutely love learning from Bill. They have fun but also learn a lot as I have seen improvements each week. Thank you so much Bill.


Jamie Braddy 

If your looking for a class where you can learn, meet greet people and have fun this is the class for you. Bill is a great acting coach. I really enjoy his teaching techniques, I've learned a a lot.


Kevin Souza

Hands down the best acting teacher in all of New England. I have taken classes all around Boston and nothing has come close to Bill's class.His knowledge and his enthusiasm have made me way more confident then ever. Thank you so much Bill!


Dan P.

You will not find a more down to earth guy who knows what he is talking about. The work you do with Bill is miles apart from any other acting class I have taken. The knowledge that he shares about the business is so helpful. Anyone that that tries a class with Bill will not be disappointed.


Matt G

Bill is an excellent instructor and very skilled at what he does. He will work with you, and cater to your needs as an actor. He listens and truly wants each and every one of his students to succeed. Bill has always given me outstanding advice on building my resume and how to best represent myself as an actor, among other things. His thorough knowledge of the audition process, cold reading, and
landing the role have all been extremely beneficial in my desire to pursue a full-time professional acting career. I owe him one for giving me the confidence and motivation to push forward with my life's ambitions. I highly recommend any one of Hollywood East Talent's workshops if you are looking to hone your craft and advance in the competitive world of entertainment.



I learned more about auditioning in one class with Bill than I did in a month at another class. Bill is the actors hidden gem in Boston.



Bill is hands down the best acting teacher I have ever worked with. His approach and his knowledge of the business is amazing. The class size is small and we are constantly work instead of sitting and watching others. He just makes you feel relaxed and he helps build your confidence. And he is doing my headshots as well for the price i spent just on classes with a "popular" teacher in Boston. I just wish I had new about this place before I spent money elsewhere. Thank you Bill.


Maya Urdaneta

Dear Bill, I am so happy to see that finally you are sharing your valuable knowledge and fruitful experience with students and entertainment lovers. When I worked with you, I was constantly learning,

I heard great advice, and I enjoyed your lovely spirit, passion and dedication that you put in each production! Thank you very much.


Eliza Costa

I wish I had known about Bill's classes last year. It has been an amazing experience working with Bill. Last year I took a class with a casting company in Boston. The instructor was an out of work actor who was quite rude and didn't really teach us a thing. It has been the complete opposite with Bill. His knowledge of the business and his enthusiasm in every class has been quite helpful. You truly feel like you have someone in yours corner that wants you to succeed and is there for you. Thank you so much Bill.


Abigail Jean Lucas

Last night I met Bill at Hollywood East Talent. He was super knowledgeable and offered some 'next steps' to push me further into the business. So helpful! And then I got to participate in his class. Prepare, slate, read, watch the recording, adjust.. and do it again. Excellent practice for actors!


Dayquan Phillips 

Hello, I had the pleasure to learn from Bill, and what a great coach he is. a man that knows what it takes to become a great actor. I would highly recommend joining to get the full guidance into your career.


Jesse Pomponio 

Bill S. Is the best person/acting teacher I have had. All my teachers have been great in different ways, but the difference of Bill's classes is you will learn the whole spectrum of professional

acting, from Hollywood Movies, to Commercials, to television, to teleprompter work. And he keeps the whole process fun, funny, and constantly entertaining while the whole class learns. He is also the

only teacher who has offered to allow his students to watch their work as he films the class, and the students watch themselves at the end. Not just entertaining, but a great way to see what you look

like on camera, your good habits and your bad habits, and perfect your craft. You dont just have to take the teachers point of view, you get to see it for yourself! That is huge when it comes to your

development as an actor! Lastly if you ever need Bill he will be there for you. I had a problem and he spent an hour talking to me about it and giving me his expertise opinion. Whether ur just

starting out, or would like to broaden your knowledge of different areas in professional acting, having Bill as a teacher is the best move you could make. The only reason I took the time to write

this long post is because of the effect he has had on me as an actor and a person. Do it for you.

- Jesse Pomponio


Maritsa Doyle 

Absolutely love taking acting classes with Bill. His approach and the way hw puts you at ease makes it so much easier. I highly recommend taking classes here.


Julie Grafton 

Very great post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I've truly loved browsing your weblog posts. In any case I will besubscribing to your rss feed and I am hoping you write again very soon!


Amanda Elizabeth 

I went to another great acting class at HollywoodEast Talent last night with Bill. I'm glad I made it to a couple classes before my big move!


Lucinda Alves 

I have started taking acting classes at this place. It has been a great experience so far. The classes are really fun and educational at the same time. I love that Bill records everything we do and we can actually watch back and learn. I have taken another class before where they never recorded anything so this was an upgrade for me. Bill has been very supportive.



The best part of taking acting classes here is knowing I can contact Bill with any questions. Especially with the industry terminology that I don't know. I email Bill and get my explanation. Love taking classes with Bill and feeling like I am a part of a family here.


Cassie Boisclair 

Bill is an Amazing instructor! Seriously check out Hollywood East Talent Boston if you're interested in getting the training you need for acting auditions!


Ashley Rodriguez 

If you are interested in taking acting classes and training, I crucially recommend you go here! I take classes with this instructor (Bill) and he does a great job at giving advice on how to advocate yourself, build your portfolio, and is amazing at hepling individually no matter the size of the classes. Every time we had class it would be hands on and always learning something new while putting old skills to use as well. I loved Bill's classes and think anyone could benefit from them so I definitely recommend taking classes here if you're trying to make your dream reality.


Christopher Martins

Bill's classes are great way to prepare for auditions. Also does a great job of casting actors in Boston.


Mary L. 

My 15 y/o daughter recently started taking acting classes with Bill. She absolutely loves his class. I have to say even in a short time of working with Bill, her confidence has improved tremendously. All she talks about now is she wants to go out and start auditioning for roles. Also the fact that her pictures get done here, makes my life so much easier not to have to search for photographers. I just want to say thank you to Bill, we are so happy we found you on our google search.



Just had another bomb a** class with my bomb a** teacher Bill. I swear man this guy really gets the best out of you and you don't even realize cuz he gut you laughing the whole time. Big props to my man Bill!!!!!!


Georgia Alexa 

I actualy got to learn from Bill when he was out here teaching in Los Angeles a few years ago. I was looking at the rest of these comments and was reminding of how truly great Bill is. Not only a great acting coach but a great person. It's rare in this business to feel that someone sincerely has your back and wants you to succeed. Bill is that person. I honestly would have left LA if it wasn't for Bill helping me and keeping my confidence level on high. Since those days with Bill I have been working consistently as an actor and just booked a pilot. And who do you think worked with me over skype to get me ready? You got it, Boston Bill as we call him out here. I truly truly truly thank you Bill and I am happy you are working with others back east and sharing your wisdom. Hope you will be visiting the west coast real soon.


Kacie E. 

Bill I want to thank you for everything you've done and helped me with! I'm not sure I'd be going to a college for acting without your class! It was a really big decision to go to a school for a career that can so be so unpredictable and uncertain but with your guidance, I know I've made the right choice.


Jenny k.

My son had his first class here and he absolutely loved it. I was a little hesitant at first since its a newer place and not been around as long as some others. I read some of these comments and figured it wouldn't hurt to at least take a visit. I am so glad that I did. My son can't wait for his next class. I write this message because if your still not sure about taking a class here, I felt the same way. My advise would be make an appointment and meet with Bill.


Iva Nicole 

Had a great time at class with Bill, I learned a lot! Can't wait to attend again!!!!


Angel Juanso 

I sincerely enjoyed my initial class last night. The instructor was very knowledgeable. .yet approachable. ..he was well invested in each student's progress... I can't wait to come back next week...Ilove this class


George Palameno 

Just signed up for classes with Bill. I just wanted to say what a difference it is meeting with Bill compared to some of the other places I went. I starting searching about a month ago for acting

classes, being 22 and new to this, I didnt know where to start. I filled out some of those online ads for agencies looking for new actors and that was a mistake. They call me and email me everyday

even though I told them I am all set. I had found hollywood east on a google search and sent am email. Said I was new to the business but not sure how to start. Bill emailed me back and explained the

different classes he has. Told me when I was ready, just call him and make an appointment to meet with him. This was 3 weeks ago, he didnt email me or call at all during this time. I finally called

him on Monday and we met on Tuesday. I told him I would like to think about it and he said take my time and call him when I am ready. True to his word he gave me my space and didnt contact. Meanwhile

I am getting calls and emails daily from 2 places. Finally last night I answered the phone from one of these "schools" and the lady told me she just flew in from NY yesterday and got my picture(which

was just a selfie) on her desk and wants to meet me right away. Well the problem is she told me the same thing 2 weeks ago. I realized that it is just the sales pitch. I just want to take some acting

classes, not be sold a used car. So I called Bill and met with him this morning and signed up. I dont what the classes will be like but just the signing process was so refreshing dealing with Bill. Not sure what everyone else has experienced but I so glad to have found this class.


Beatrice Fernando 

I found Hollywood East Talent online when I was looking for actors. I had an urgent need to find volunteer actors for a short educational film. Through many of my inquires, Bill reached out to help

me, with such a short notice. He was compassionate and was understanding toward the issue, and offered his support without hesitation. He was dependable, professional and honest agent. I will look

for his support in any future events, and can recommend him to anyone without hesitation. I am sure he will do right by anyone.


Alice D 

I worked with Hollywood East for a last minute corporate video casting and they exceed my expectations. They were professional, understood my casting needs, and delivered a terrific variety of talent

in plenty of time to prep for our shoot. They also had great communications and were wonderful liaisons for the non-union actors we chose leading up to our shoot. We will certainly be contacting Hollywood East for our next video casting. Thank you, Bill!


Jayce Trufant 

Hey everyone, I am an actor out here in L.A.. I met Bill about 5 years ago when he cast me in a short film he was directing. I have never taken any classes with Bill but I can tell you that I learned

more about acting working with Bill then I did in any other acting class I have taken. He is so patient and makes you feel so relaxed that you feel like you have known him all your life. Anytime I

had a question about the business or just some advice before an audition, I would call Bill. The guy always found some time in his busy day to answer my question. One thing I learned about him is he

will deflect complements with jokes and he hates talking about himself, which is probably why there isn't a page on this site just talking about him, but the guy truly has big heart so just accept

Bill. If I was living in Boston I would for sure take a class with him, more so because I know the couple hours you spend with him he will have you laughing and enjoying your time as an actor.

Unfortunately I am a Cali boy through and through and could never handle the cold weather there hehe.


Abdulhakim Al-Amin 

Attention Bill I am ready to help you put this casting company on the map through out the country. Your the best.



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